This was the final week of the Outdoor 3-d Shoot. The winners were:

1St Joe Brown & Joe Goncalves
2nd Brian Phillips.
Most improved Joni McGinnis, Junior Race McGinnis.

Outdoor 3-d Shoot Results 2014

Winter 2013/2014 League Results

The winners were:

A division: 1st.- Joe Goncalves, 2nd- Brian Phillips, 3rd- Cynthia Tanis

B division: 1st- Joe Brown, 2nd- Scott Beckner, 3rd- Edward Willmon

Juniors: Race McGinnis

Women's division: 1st- Cynthia Tanis, 2nd- Brittany Beckner, 3rd- Joni McGinnis

The most improved archer was Edward Willmon.

Aron Stepp had the highest score, he and Dave don't compete.