Pistol Section Report—by Rick Servando

October and November brought lots of pistol action. 21 gunfighters for the cowboy fast draw and 62 guns for the IPSC style shoot. And for our fun shoot , a new record with 153 shooters . Our last fun match is Sunday December 2nd and is also our annual charity match with all the money raised going to local charity. Come join the action for a good cause and let's bring an end to another awesome year.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas !

Rick Servando, Pistol Section

Special Report 2018

Cowboy Fast Draw California State Championship hosted by The Cowboys

May 11th, 12th, & 13th the OSC CFDA club, The Cowboys, put on for the first time a California State sanctioned fast draw contest. There were 100 gunfighters from over 7 states. The Oakdale Sportsmen’s Club is the premier venue for our cowboy fast draw and with all the improvements all the sections have made over the last 2 1/2 years we were proud to show our club off. The competitors were of the best in the spot with 3 World Champion Women and 6 World Champion Men. The Cowboys, many of which who are OSC members, put in several months of preparation from converting Bay 1 & 2 to accommodate a total of three ranges, putting on an excellent dinner Friday and Saturday night and 70 awards. The dinner included a raffle and fund raiser for the CFDA college tuition "Shoot for the Stars". They provide college scholarships for young shooters in our sport. Board Historian Gene Dias, alias Stanislaus, and Marshall of the cowboys was the match director of the class A state contest. The entire group of cowboys each pulled their weight. This included the pre-planning and set up of all three ranges, the raffle, art work, meals, and the tear down. I personally attended many state and territorial contests and ours ran efficiently and ranks at the top of the sport. The Cowboys want to thank the OSC membership and sections for standing down allowing this contest to take place. We also want to sincerely thank each and every Cowboy who helped by working and donating there time to have such a successful outcome. The event was also very safe, fun, and very competitive which are the three basics rules of cowboy fast draw.

OSC U.S.P.S.A. Introduction

OSC U.S.P.S.A. February Match 2014
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OSC Members Joe Brown aka McGillakuttie and James Grassmidt III aka Time Bandit, handle judging during the recent Cowboy Fast Draw Regional Match.

Past President Francis Carlos AKA The Draw, second from the right.

Pistol Section Bays

There are 4 bays available to pistol shooters. The main 3 are shown below. No Rifles are allowed in Bay 1 or Bay 2.

Bay 1
Bay 2
Bay 3