Rifle Section report—Vern Gladney

First of all, thanks to all of the members and their friends for supporting the rifle section. Because of your support this year, we were able to donate to getting books for local kids. This year we decided to hold a charity match and donate the proceeds to fire the fire victims of the Camp Fire. A special thanks to Jeff Heuth and Mark Vejar for getting the match off the ground. It was very successful, we had 109 guns at the match and cleared $1000.00 to send to the victims. Thanks to the trap section for closing the day of the match. We also gave out several nice prizes. Thanks to all of the businesses and individuals that gave us prizes.

The last weekend, we held our year end fun match. The match included rimfire, modern pistols, revolver only, shotgun/rifle/SA pistol cowboy shoot. Afterwards we BBQ'd burgers.

Come on out this next year and have some fun shooting rifles. We are looking at changing things up a little. The matches give you extra trigger time to get better shooting rifles. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Vern Gladney, Rifle Section Chair

December 2018 Fun Match Results:

• Rimfire: Vernon Gladney
• Cowboy: Julio Rosa
• Revolver: Jim Waddell
• Semi-auto: Dave Starr
• 100yd gong: Tie to Starr and Waddell

November 2018 Rifle Results:

• Light Varmint: Nick Bachman
• Hunter: Dave Starr
• Military Issue: Dave Starr
• Blk Powder Cart.: Warren Brier
• Lever: Vern Gladney
• Rimfire: Kevin Keidel
• Cowboy: Rick Bachman

No results from October.

No match in September 2018 due to sight-in day

August 2018 Rifle Results:

• Rim Fire: Mike Strunk
• Cowboy Action: Vern Gladney

Thursday night steel match: Go to Practiscore.com and enter OSC Steel

No Results from June or July 2018

May 2018 Rifle Results:

No report from May except Thursday Night Steel

• Paul Martinez. LTD
• Mark Vejar. LTD

• Robert Freshwater. MAX 10
• Ron Nakabayashi. MAX 10

April 2018 Rifle Results:

• Heavy Varmint: Bill Sorrenti
• Mod Military: Dan Madden
• Rim Fire: Bill Sorrenti
• Blk. Powder Cart.: Vern Gladney
• CowboyAction: 1st Jacob Turner, 2nd Vern Gladney, 3rd Rick Bachman

• Steel Match: 1st Franscico Felix, 2nd Robert Freshwater, 3rd Bobby Mac

March 2018 Rifle Results:

• Hunter: Jacob Turner
• Mod Military: Dan Madden
• Blk. Powder Cart.: Julio Rosa
• Cowboy: Jacob Turner

February 2018 Rifle Results:

• Varmint: Rick Bachman
• Rimfire: V Gladney
• Modified Military: Julio Rosa
• Black Powder Cartridge: J. Rosa
• Cowboy: R. Bachman
• Off-hand Gong: Warren Brier

January 2018 Special Shoot Winners:

1st: Vern Gladney 2nd Duane Reynolds
3rd Julio Rosa
4th David Starr
5th Warren Brier
6th Joe Rosa
7th Rich Gong
8th Dan Madden


No Rifles are allowed in Bay 1 or 2. Bay 2 has a sight-in-bench for Rifles that may only be used when a Rifle Range Master has the Rife Section open. This bench is not intended for continuous shooting and no other Rifle shots may be taken in Bay 2. Please help police this restriction.

Rifle Section Bench Area

There are 5 benches available and are used for 50 yard and 100 meter (+/- 110 yards). Rifle sight in can be done from the Number 1 rifle bench into Bay 3 at 35 yards. The bench will now swivel to accomodate this change.

Rifle Competition

Rifle competition is normally the third Saturday of each month and starts at 9 a.m. The range is not open to non-competitors during the competition but is open when competition is complete.

Competion classes, depending on participants, normally include Light Varmint, Heavy Varmint, Military, Mil Mod, Rimfire, Lever, BP Cart and AR-15.

Varmint Classes are decided by group size, other classes are by score.


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