Pistol Section Report—by Bruce Whitacare

The pistol section started off this year with a fun shoot on New Year's Day, we had 87 guns go through five fun stages. On the 14th we had a cowboy shoot with 24 cowboys and cowgirls coming out on a cold day but that didn't slow us down, and on the 15th we had our USPSA match we had 75 guns go through 5 tough stages , another cold and windy day but we got through it before dark. Thanks to all the men and women to help keep this section going by coming out and brave in the weather and helping set up tear down and run the matches. Until next time keep your powder dry.


OSC U.S.P.S.A. Introduction

OSC U.S.P.S.A. February Match 2014
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The Pistol Section maintains a website which may be visited by clicking:



OSC Members Joe Brown aka McGillakuttie and James Grassmidt III aka Time Bandit, handle judging during the recent Cowboy Fast Draw Regional Match.

Past President Francis Carlos AKA The Draw, second from the right.

Pistol Section Bays

There are 4 bays available to pistol shooters. The main 3 are shown below. No Rifles are allowed in Bay 1 or Bay 2.

Bay 1
Bay 2
Bay 3

NEW RULE! No shooting is allowed at OSC without a Range Safety Officer when the gate is locked open. If you open the gate with your key, sign in and shoot without an RSO. If you find the gate locked open, check in with the Trap Section and present your membership card, sign in as usual and shoot without an RSO. All shooters must sign in before using Rifle or Pistol Bays. The sign in sheet will be located in the Rifle Bench area.