To: All Oakdale Sportsmen’s Club Members
Re: Operation of New Card Lock Gate

After you attend orientation, your card lock will be activated within 15 days. You need only to hold it near the card sensor on the post at the left side of the gate and the gate will open, allowing you to pass by. The gate will then close behind you. When you leave, the gate will open automatically when you are on the pad and then close behind you after you pass.

In the event of a power failure, the gate will unlock and can be pushed open manually.

Should you have a guest coming in with you in a separate car, you may pass your card back thru the gate so that your guest can activate the gate and gain entrance.

To avoid damage to the card, do not carry your card in your wallet or expose it to extreme heat, radiation or magnetic fields.

Card replacement fee is $25.00, so take care of your card!

Card lock keys are issued to members in good standing and to be utilized only by those members. The cards are numbered and keyed to individual members. Each member is personally responsible for the security of their card. Any unauthorized use of a member’s card will subject that member to card deactivation and possible loss of club membership.

Remember that the reason for the card lock gate is to stop the flow of non-members from using your range, causing damage or a problem that could risk the existence of your Club, so do not loan or give your card to anyone and have guests only under your direct supervision.

Renewing members are to use their last paper membership card with the gate key card as the means of showing membership in OSC. Print your gate key card number on your last paper card. New members will be issued one paper card and their assigned gate key card. All members are required to have a paper card and gate key card in possession while using your Club facilities. If you lose your paper membership card, ask for a replacement from "Membership", Please notify Tim Brown, if your gate or membership card are lost.

If you do not want your gate key card for any reason, please mail it back to the Club at OSC P.O. Box 171, Oakdale, Ca 95361.

If you are a returning member of the Club and have been issued a gate key card, your number will be reactivated upon payment of your dues. If you do not have your previously issued gate key card you will be required to pay for replacement costs before your membership will be activated.

If you have trouble with your gate key card, contact "Membership",