President’s Corner—by Jimmy Grassmidt

This is your President speaking…

Time is flying by fast! The membership renewal is now complete. It looks like we had about 50 members that did not renew for this year, so we will be seeing some new faces. Hopefully you had a happy Valentine’s Day, but if you are like me, then your significant other probably doesn’t see you very often. Your fellow club members definitely see a lot of me though.

Some other things that have happened this month. The new outdoor bathroom is finally finished and ready for use. Pistol Bays 5 and 6 have been cut out and are being used.
Coming up soon will be our annual Steak & Oyster Feed on Saturday, May 5th. This is our main club fundraiser, with a challenge going out for individual, section and board members to get raffle prizes for this event. Now is the time for everyone to step up and make this the best raffle ever!

Reminder: Safety comes first. Read the rules and make sure you know them. You are responsible for keeping an eye out. Everybody is in charge of safety.

Shoot Fast, Shoot Straight, Be Safe,
Jimmy Grassmidt, President

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