President’s Corner—by Dennis Dias

June Dinner Meeting

We honored our OSC Past Presidents at our June dinner meeting. VP Jimmy Grassmidt was in charge and put on an excellent steak dinner with company potatoes his wife knows we love. I want to thank all of the past Presidents that attended, and to those who couldn't, for their service to our Club and the help they've given me these past two years. Make some room for me in six months!
Steak & Oysters Part 2

There are two separate preparations that happen for the annual Steak & Oysters dinner. Last month, I spoke mainly about the overall event and the revenue yielded. This month I want ot highlight the organization of the meal and ticket sales. This really starts months in advance planning, ordering and opening ticket sales to members and the public. This year's event sold out in less than four weeks. John Word delivered a flawless meal. He has planned this event down to the minute with plenty of delicious oysters. I cannot thank John enough for his efforts shepparding this event both years of my presidency, and I look forward to jumping in with him as a new Past President to make future S&O events even bigger and better.

Project Update

The outside restroom project is moving fast. We have had good help and are still looking for a Mason to help with the brick work. I want to thank Board Member Morgan Roberts, VP Jimmy Grassmidt and his daughter Lily, Club Historian Gene Dias and Pistol Section Chair Bruce Whitaker for all of their help.

Vendor Appreciation Awards

The final Vendor Appreciation Awards go to long-time supporters. Our own Club member Dr.. Lee Scaief, and my good friend and GM of the Del Rio Country Club Duncan Reno. I want to thank both of them personally. These VIP's are what make the raffle so exciting for the guests. See the General Information Page for photos.


We have evidence that one of our Club's guywires that help secure the trap tarps and its protective metal plating has been shot recently. Our Rifle Section is on the look-out to educate and/or discipline those who need help. There will be some changes to the 50yard range to add visibility to those whom might be cross-shooting. Please be aware of this type of property damage and report any issues. All 700 members share the responsibility of maintaining a safe Club.

In closing

See you at the August dinner meeting. Watch your email for an OSC News Blast and check our Facebook page for details on a special raffle prize.

Dennis Dias, President,

email at or Cell (209) 262-7643