President’s Corner—by Dennis Dias

Board Appreciation

It is hard to believe how fast my two years as president has flown bye, also how much your board has accomplished. I’m very proud of those who have served during my term. Specifically there are two different groups that do the work. The first are lead by your VP Jimmy Grassmidt, his team dig, build, plan, and you can see the physical accomplishments on a monthly basis.
The other team is admin that handle the calls, the bank, the communication, agenda, and membership. These folks accomplishments are not readily seen but are working hard each and every day in between board meetings. I’m proud to say both teams are strong, necessary, and have served the club above board. There will be two incumbents and one open election board positions up in December, if you are interested please call me.

October Dinner

The October meal was ribs and a cool CZ gun from Shooter Warehouse & Supply. John Schiro and John Word were in charge. The meal and raffle were excellent and both generated good profits. My promise to keep dinners at $10 has held steady and we don’t plan on any changes this year, it’s a great value. November meal is the fish fry, not to be missed!

Alcohol on the Range

Members and guests must respect the consumption of alcohol on the range. The only permitted area of alcohol is in the bleachers area and no where else. Alcohol should only be consumed after the guns have been put away and not allowed in the parking lot at the tailgate of a truck, this has been a recent issue. Do your part as a section head, board member, or general member and police these rules to keep our range safe at all times. The board will be voting on this issue at the November board meeting and are taking this seriously


The new outside bathroom has significant progress to roof and is ready for sheet rock. The bay 1 & 2 lights are under evaluation for energy efficient upgrades and additional lighting. Bays 5 & 6 work by the rifle section and cowboy fast draw bay are moving along and its is easy to see the progress.

Dues Renewal

The board has voted to keep the annual renewal dues at $96 dollars. You will soon see invoicing hit your in box for 2018 dues. We will again offer dues renewal at the Nov, Dec, and January dinner meetings. You also will be able to renew by completing a updated renewal form and pay by check or cash via the club drop box. The dues deadline is Feb 15th, no exceptions. There is over 140 applicants on the waiting list so renew on time and at the convenience of home, a dinner meeting, or drop box. Again this year the drop box will be promptly locked Feb 16th. No post cards or reminders will be sent, this is your notification to renew.

Back Hoe needed

If you have a back hoe that can be loaned to the club we have bays 5 & 6 that need to be dug out. Please contact me if you have the means to help.

Trim Trimming club work day

November 12th we will be performing our annual tree trimming day, if you have the time come out and help your club. Member will be served breakfast and since we have kept after this the past three years we should knock it out in 4 to 5 hours. Work starts at 8 am.

RO staffing

We are still looking for help with RO supervision on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Saturdays. If have the time please contact me.


The board has suspended another member for violating the no long gun rule in bays 1 & 2. This is the very first rule on the pistol bay rules signage, please know that any long gun is forbidden in bays 1 & 2 and violators will be held accountable.

President’s Closing Thoughts

• Drinking and shooting do not mix, we want a safe range and to preserve our heritage, do the right thing and help police and follow our club policy.

• November Dinner is the annual fish fry, we are looking to do a special gun raffle.

• Work Day Nov 12th—Trees will be trimmed, come out and help your club.

Dennis Dias, President,

email at or Cell (209) 262-7643