President’s Corner—by Dennis Dias
I look forward to my second year of presidency with an even more aggressive focus on projects and we are laying the ground work for financial planning, which is long overdue. I look forward in 2017 to enriching the clubs safety, capability, and enjoyment to all of its members and guests. We have a strong board and together we will make our slice of America even greater. Also I want to thank my hardworking VP, Jimmy Grassmidt III and Pistol Section Head, Bruce Whitacre. They put in a tireless 2016!

Dues Renewal 3 ways: If you are wanting to re-new your dues in 2017 there are three ways, so listen up!

1. Go to the club, open the drop box adjacent to the main entrance, remove a renewal envelope. Fill out the front legibly, enclose cash or check for $96.00, and deposit into drop box.

2. If you are receiving the electronic version of the Golden Pheasant, be patient we are currently invoicing all members who receive email communications. Please check your spam folder for any club emails that may get buried.

3. If you are attending the February Cioppino dinner electronic payment will again be available. This is an RSVP dinner with advanced ticket sales. If you are not purchasing a dinner ticket you can still stop by the club on Feb 7th and pay your dues. The deadline for dues renewal is Feb 15th.

I have carefully put these methods of renewal in the last 6 newsletters so there are no excuses for late payment. If you miss the deadline, you forfeit your membership. A new application will be required and you will be placed on the waiting list. By the way, there are over 100 people currently on it.

Safety — We are currently looking for members to step up and manage the pistol bays as a Range Officer on the 1st, 2nd, & 4th Saturdays of the month. The Rifle RO’s need help keeping up with the traffic to maintain a safe range. I have had one person volunteer. Dave Antinetti is leading a committee to resolve this gap. Please reach out to Dave via email at or call or email me. We want 2017 to be the safest ever on record.

February Cioppino Dinner—The Feb. meal is the only monthly meal we sale tickets in advance for. All you new members take note. This is a traditional meal that is well worth the price. The meal is $50 per person, call John Word to secure you spot at 505-5002, only a few remain. We also have a special Tri-Star over and under trap grade shotgun with all the extras. I have been wanting to do a legit trap grade gun for this meal, now is your chance at a fully loaded bad boy.

Final Thoughts:

Safety is paramount, read the posted pistol, rifle, & range rule signs.

Renew your dues before Feb 15th to keep your membership in good standing.

Step up and give back to your club by donating some time to cover 1st, 2nd, or 4th Saturdays as a Range Officer at the club. This can result in reduced annual dues based on hours served, the board will evaluate after a minimum of interested members make themselves known.

Dennis Dias, President,

email at or Cell (209) 262-7643