President’s Corner—by Dennis Dias

December Elections

Julio Rosa, Master Sergeant of Arms, and Beryl Graybill, Director at Large, I’m pleased to announce, will seek re-election. These two Board members have been solid and critical to maintaining the strength of your Board, which is that of people that do. We will say thank you and good bye to Dave Antinetti and this will open one new board seat. As I said last month, the board is interested in further strengthening the board with someone who will do. If you think you have the time, and the right stuff, then you must attend the October or November Board meeting.
Our constitution and bylaws permit, and will recognize, candidates that present themselves at the December dinner meeting but the Board overwhelmingly does not want or prefer this type of last minute write in for Board candidates. We do invite interested parties to call me and to attend a Board meeting before the December election dinner meeting. I look forward to four more years of a very strong board as I pass the presidency to current VP Jimmy Grassmidt III.

September Dinner Meeting

Steaks, good! Gun raffle, good! I want to thank Vern and Julio who were in charge and the Pistol Section for manning the grill and the meal prep. October will be beef ribs and a special CZ 75 B SA 9mm pistol. These are known as shooters and Shooters Warehouse & Supply has secured the Club one for the October meal. These pistols are hard to come by so they are a very special treat. Thank you Doug!


Morgan Roberts has the outside bathroom project tracking. This is with the help of a great team, Bruce Whitacre, Jimmy Grassmidt, Gene Dias & Terry Dias, Dennis Dias, Spencer Roberts, Doug Yeager, & John Schiro. The rifle section is also prepping the berms in preparation for the digging of bays 5 & 6. Your Board is hard at work! Also the cowboy fast draw bay is moving forward. The pocket door is almost done and there is much more to come. The Board has also approved a security camera upgrade led by John Schiro and Matt Kiolbassa which will enable Wi-Fi in the club house to view recent solar panel data and provide another enhancement to the membership. Remember the Board works for you.

Range Officers

Dave Antinetti is looking for more help to provide RO support on the 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturdays 10am to 2pm. This involves overseeing the range, making sure things are safe, rules are followed, and safety is maintained. If interested call me and I will put you in contact with Dave.

Alcohol on the Range

My Grandpa, Bill Bolter, taught hunter safety at the club for thirty years and received the Golden Bear Award from the DFG. One basic rule he instilled in me and countless others is alcohol and guns don’t mix. If you are at the range be aware all alcohol is only permitted in the bleacher area. It is not allowed at your truck tailgate or in shooting areas. Your Board discussed this at the last Board meeting and they have concerns. Our Trap Section must help police this on Wednesdays and Saturdays and be vocal in regards to this issue as we welcome guests. Wednesday 9/20/17 I observed a violation and addressed it with the guest who was drinking in the parking lot. We all must enforce safety and there is no tolerance in regard to violations of this rule. Do your part and hold guests accountable, be polite, and ask for help if they do not comply and report issues to section heads.

President’s Closing Thoughts

• One Board seat is to be vacant for the December election. If you are interested, you need to appear before the Board. We are interested in doers! Call me if you are interested.

• Alcohol is not permitted in the parking lot or any other area other than bleachers. Help police this policy to maintain Club safety.

• October meal CZ 9mm and beef ribs BBQ

Dennis Dias, President,

email at or Cell (209) 262-7643