President’s Corner—by Dennis Dias
Members of the Oakdale Sportsmen’s Club:

The August meal was steaks and Pistol Section Head Bruce Whitacre was in charge. His crew did a great job serving the 158 members and guests. The raffle also was a success with Beryl Graybill providing an engraved .410 O/U shotgun, shells, 500 rounds of 22LR, and a premium gun bag. This was possible due to networking with member Doug Jaeger, owner of Shooters Supply & Warehouse. It was nice to meet several new members who attended their very first dinner meeting. Again, as a reminder, you must be 21 years of age to attend a dinner meeting. We do have a youth membership program, so if you have a son, at least 18 years of age, and interested please contact me for details.

We have accepted 50 new members above our 700-member cap over the last two months to test a new electronic dues payment method. Our plan is to make this available for dues renewal in 2017, giving added convenience for our members. This also is a significant reduction in cycle time and work load to our Membership and Newsletter Board positions. We are currently evaluating our Club’s capacity with the recent improvements and increased headcount. Stay tuned for more details as we head into October dues renewal.

The Board recently approved an increase in the annual dues to $96.00 in 2017, which is a $12 increase. If you take a few minutes to consider the value of what our Club provides compared to any other shooting range or outdoor club within reasonable driving distance, you will quickly see the increase in dues is far less annually than anything out there. This will aid in financing the Club improvements, consisting of over 40 projects. I would add, you can see the difference in the past short 8 months.

I’m pleased to announce two new appointments to the Board. First, Board of Director Dave Bellington is our new Bar Section Head. He takes over a very productive and established section from Hal Walthers after training for the last 8 months. Hal will continue as our Trap Section Head, and I want to thank Hal for his diligent work and years of service building up and maintaining a very successful Bar Section and Trap Section. I also want to welcome newly appointed Board of Director John Schiro who has backfilled the vacant board position. I’ve had the chance to get to know John, who is an avid rifle shooter, and he is a core member who has worked across all sections supporting club functions, is active on projects from work days, leading the rifle sound dampening project, and most recently the installation of the new range rules signs with the help from our Board Historian Gene Dias. I’d also like to thank Board Secretary, Sean Morgan who lead the efforts to update the verbiage and have the signs fabricated. Thank you Sean for driving this project to completion.

The Board is actively looking to fill our open Treasurer position. Steve Lyda resigned from the Board after 2 1/2 years of service. Steve brought automation, lean principles, and a new degree of transparency to the position and we thank him for his service and wish him well in his future endeavors. I have been appointed to serve as temporary treasurer in the meantime. Frankly, I do not have adequate time to backfill this long-term so if you have a background in banking, accounting, or taxes please contact me for details.

We will also have three board seats up for election this December. If you are an engaged person and want to become active on the Board, please call me. I can provide the requirements and invite you to a board meeting in Sept, Oct, or Nov to address the board. All board appointments and nominated positions are dues free! On August 6th we had a scheduled work day. We had a decent turn out with 23 members in attendance. This was a clean-up day which filled two large trash bins. All Section containers were cleaned and organized, we cleared the weeds from the trap range and south hillside, repaired archer butts, built new target stands, discarded old belting and trap tarps and were served a proper lunch by our own Kitchen Section Head Matt Brown.

Final thoughts:

• There are absolutely no long guns or rifle caliber pistols allowed in Bay 1 & 2. We have disciplined yet another member for violating this rule.

• Be safe and read the new range, pistol, & rifle rules that are posted. If you have a guest, it is your responsibility to ensure your guest reads and adheres to our rules. They are for everyone's safety. Ask if you don’t know

. • The board is now actively looking to fill board Treasurer. We are also taking candidate requests for upcoming board seats this December. The board preference is to interview all interested candidates in advance of the December dinner meeting election.

Dennis Dias

email at or Cell (209) 262-7643